Ridgecrest Energy

  • Energy Optimized


  • Energy Reduction without Capital Costs!

    Every organization wants to reduce energy usage, minimize its carbon footprint and control costs. Most commercial building engineers believe the only way to make significant reductions in existing buildings is through costly retrofits, capital
    improvements or sacrificing comfort and productivity. Ridgecrest Energy Advisors takes the opposite approach. We believe that every initiative should pay for itself in months,
    not years! Not three years from now. Not five years from now. THIS YEAR!

    We can help your organization reduce energy consumption between 10% – 30% by eliminating the processes, procedures and behaviors that waste energy and by
    optimizing the existing mechanical systems and equipment at your buildings. Our approach requires no capital expenditure, and no fees are paid to us until hard dollar savings are achieved. Additionally, we will determine the current ENERGY STAR rating, track changes to your rating, and in many cases obtain the prestigious ENERGY STAR Label for your buildings, all at no cost.

    Our fee is based on a percentage of the savings we deliver, so there is no out-of-
    pocket expense. Only after actual savings have been received do you pay us with a portion of the money you would have otherwise paid to the utilities. The rest goes to
    your bottom line or to pay for the unfunded initiatives of your choosing. Ridgecrest projects truly are a no-risk, win-win for everyone: you, us and the environment.

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